iab blog: Was #StormSWT the making of rail operator’s social customer care?

South West Trains used Twitter to keep its community well informed and even better engaged during the recent storm that hit the UK.

My post about how it all went down has gone live on the IAB blog.

SWT Signal Down #StormSWT

Image source: @SW_Trains

Customers in the driver’s seat: automotive and social media

It’s been a good week for anyone wanting to catch up on the latest in automotive digital marketing. The IAB hosted a seminar on Tuesday that was full of insights into customer behaviour and new technologies.

Yesterday, I spoke about social media strategies at the Automotive Management’s Digital Dealer Conference. It was a packed event and encouraging (or a relief?!) to note that all of the speakers seemed to be in agreement about a few key principles that transcend any industry:

  • Brands must adjust their schedules to today’s ‘always on’ consumer.
  • Success in social media requires commitment, consistency, and appropriate behaviour.
  • The social web provides endless opportunities for brands to listen, learn and engage.

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Buying engagement: fake likes and dodgy endorsements

Channel 4’s Dispatches has uncovered a number of brands and agencies crossing a line, generating fake likes, followers and views, and using celebrities to endorse products, sometimes for cash and sometimes in exchange for a nice present or two. The programme is currently available to watch on 4OD and well worth it. Continue reading

Social Brands 100 case study: Kiss FM

What is it about cats? According to Kiss FM Web Editor Karen Campbell, pictures of cats along with other funny pictures, competitions and funny games and tasks requiring listener response are the most engaging forms of content for its social media community. Continue reading

News: Electronic Arts’ game title No. 1 in Social Brands 100 2013

Video game Battlefield has taken the number one spot in Social Brands 100 – the annual report of brands leading the way in social. The ranking is dominated by the Retail industry this year, making up 25% of the list overall, however Travel brands have made their mark, with four featuring in the top ten.

The research has found that brands are starting to make the most of social for their customer care with scores slightly higher for those metrics. Scores were on average lower for engagement metrics, suggesting more could be done to better connect with people and create long-term loyalty. Continue reading