New way to watch the latest film?

An interesting new way to view films has been launched by LoveFilm – last week they hosted their first live streaming movie premiere, giving its members access to the thriller Vinyan at the same time as its West End opening and a week before the film’s theatrical release.

As Simon Morris, chief marketing officer of LoveFilm said “consumers who enjoy films will do so in a number of ways, be it at the cinema, purchasing or renting a DVD, or downloading or streaming a film online. The key is providing them with the channels and the choice to access content however they want.” (

I think it’s a great move to create a buzz around the launch of a new film, and am really excited to see how effective this could be. It could be a great way to support a social media campaign!

Success for Nexon Europe!

We’re really pleased to see Nexon Europe’s strong growth after the success of the Combat Arms and MapleStory campaigns that we have had the pleasure of working on!  

 According to, the growth has occurred due to the popularity of the free-to-play titles, with MapleStory boasting 1.2 million active users and Combat Arms – only launched this year – over 800,000.

 After the great success we had with Combat Arms – generating just under 20 million opportunities to see; and our current campaign for MapleStory, we’d like to think we helped!

Digital Britain – with Headstream leading the way!

We, at Headstream, pride ourselves in being innovative and at the forefront of Digital PR. So, I was intrigued to read about the Digital Britain report, which has outlined many exciting possibilities for entertainment companies in Britain to reach new audiences through new mobile and broadband activity.

“A reliance on traditional ‘offline’ methods of building and reaching audiences means we are missing new avenues for generating revenue and accessing finance”

As specialists in digital PR we are proud to already be bringing these great opportunities to our clients. For example, Headstream has recently completed a second project with UKTV for a newly commissioned show for the Blighty channel, Made In Britain. The results were remarkable with Made In Britain becoming the highest viewed show on the Blighty channel since its launch, with an increase of 543% to the channel’s slot average! Throughout the campaign, Headstream were able to secure a lot of coverage, with the largest chunk (38%) being from blogs. Not only did the slot average increase so dramatically, but the UU’s for the website increased by almost 2,500 in a month. This just goes to show the importance of social media and digital PR in a campaign, the audiences that can be reached, and the positive results it can have for the client.

 Dave 6 Sheet Blue 26_9_08

Introducing MapleStory – the world's worst kept secret.

MapleStory, an online MMORPG, is now celebrating its global success with over 92 million players worldwide. You may not have heard of MapleStory, but with 92 millions players we’d be surprised if someone you know isn’t playing it right now!

We are lucky enough to be working with this hugely successful game, helping to promote their Summer Season for European players, during which there’ll be a slew of new updates to the game.

One of the most important updates is the release of Knights of Cygnus, which offers a totally new dimension to the game, with upgrades to the interface system, adding new functions and hotkey add-ons as well as the anticipated community improvements.

There’s also brand new content including new maps and monsters as well as new mini dungeons. For a sneak peak you can watch the trailer for Knights of Cygnus:

To keep up with the latest updates from MapleStory you can follow them on twitter!

With all these improvements MapleStory is definitely the place to be this summer; we’ll see you in there!

From The Crows Nest…..F(a)T cats network, social sketching & other news

If exclusive restaurant memberships, golf club cliques and needlessly fast cars weren’t enough for those top execs & fat cats of the business world, they were given yet another outlet this week to display their bulging wealth as well as boasting their vast number of contacts. On Monday, it was announced that the FT have introduced their very own social membership forum in which their media and technology executive clientele can network. Those who cough up the 12-month standard membership fee will be able to treat themselves to hours of searching and contacting fellow peers and members as well as gaining complimentary passes for any chosen conference from the Financial Times Global Conferences and Events portfolio, a subscription to, access to FT conference speaker’s presentations and podcasts and access to face-to-face members networking events. Jayne Van Hoen, FT’s Global Conference Director explained why she feels the network will be a success – “Our readers rely on the FT’s quality of insight and reporting and the new forum will enable them to interact and use that information more effectively with their peers.â€? Fair do’s – it sounds like a reasonable explanation to me.
Hang on though, I almost forgot…what’s the cost to join this social field of dreams? £1,700 plus vat per annum. Pocket money.
Another interesting news tit-bit that caught our eye at Headstream this week was Brand Republic’s insight into the importance of online pr, as Robin Grant reports:
“Pollsters surveyed 1,000 people – Among those aged 15 to 44, it found that 45 per cent read online news on a daily basis. Only 38 per cent of this age group read nat­ional newspapers every day. The figures are the starkest warning yet to the industry that it can no longer afford to rely on traditional forms of media relations.”
To read the full story, click on the link A wake up-call for the complacent PR industry:
Finally, for those of you who have the ‘doodle-bug’ and while away the hours at work by scrawling every spare piece of paper with your delightful sketches, make haste to WebCanvas. WebCanvas is a collaborative effort to make one giant piece of graffiti-wall style ‘art’. Anyone with a web browser that can support the application can get fully involved. As expected, you can upload an image, draw with the brush, and erase with the eraser as well as being able to draw lines and make shapes. What the outcome of this novel social idea will be, who knows? But if you happen to find your glorious masterpieces erased and ruined within minutes, I apologise in advance.

The power of online PR

How powerful is PR, and just how much ‘bang can you get for your buck’? Online PR is still a relatively new game for some, and whilst online advertising guarantees you space it comes at a price!   

Take this piece of coverage for Myleene Klass, it has a prime slot on the Tiscali homepage and offers great exposure for not only Myleene’s new album but also Club Med – the luxury holiday brand.   

If you were to pay for this space it would probably cost you somewhere in the region of £200,000 and would attract 265,286,895 page impressions.    

Well, what if we told you that Headstream secured this space, and we didn’t pay anything! Because of our fantastic relationships we are able to negotiate amazing coverage, which is something we pride ourselves on.

Another great example of the potential of online PR!